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About Me

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Do what you love and LOVE what you do!

Wouldn't it be amazing to do work that you enjoy, that you are passionate about


Make money at it while sharing your passion with others?

That is EXACTLY what I do. It is not really a job because it is fun and something I see myself doing for the rest of my life.

Hi, I am Anne-Marie, the Forager Chick - crazy fungus freak and wild weeds nerd.


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Inspire others to search out wild food and medicine and provide for their family. 


I wasn't always a forager, I do not have decades of experience. In fact I have ONE decade of experience in herbalism, wild weeds and mushrooms, wild foods cooking, bread baking, foraging and teaching others to do what I do.

My hubby and I moved to Georgia from New York 30ish years ago. We wanted a farm or ranch, some horses, chickens and a garden. Our farm is Bella Vista Farm which means "Beautiful View" and it does indeed have an amazing view from our front porch.

We became homesteaders in some ways but it definitely took awhile especially for me. We have one son who is grown and on his own in a big city!!

Funny story...I was a Long Island girly girl. You know the type, fake nails, high heels and big hair. Remember this was 1990 or so when hubby and I came to GA. When I tell folks this story they cannot believe it. Just picture the 80's show, The Nanny. LOL!!! Of course I still like the girly girl stuff but give me hiking gear, a new knife or firestarter or a chainsaw and I am a very happy girl!

Foraging is my passion.

God has given us this beautiful Earth with so many plants and mushrooms that can nourish or heal our bodies. Every day I forage, I ask myself - can I eat today? The answer is almost always a big fat YES! To be able to find food and medicine almost every day is an old skill that has been forgotten by many. It is my job to ignite that spark in YOU to get out there and forage too.

If you want to start your foraging or herbalism journey, I am here to help. Just ask and look around the site at the different offerings for classes, courses, immersions or private consults. 

Let’s Work Together

Bella Vista Farm

Monroe, Georgia 30656

Tel: 770-355-8562

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