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14 Wild Plants in 14 Days For the Whole Family

Wouldn't you like to go out into your backyard or a friends yard and harvest enough wild weeds to make a salad or create a tea blend? Are you concerned that you may not know exactly how to identify the plants or mushrooms with confidence?


Ultimate Mushroom Course for Beginners

This complete course is for the beginner or intermediate mushroom lover! Learn everything from anatomy of a mushroom to detailed identification to spore prints to cooking and medicine making.  will help you get from, "oh my gosh, mushrooms are so hard to learn" to " I am a fungus freak and know what I am doing".

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Free Introduction to Foraging & Remedies

There is an abundance in nature of food and medicine. Finding edibles in your backyard is easier than you think. Would you like to make simple but effective herbal remedies in your own kitchen?

In this Introductory class, you will learn to easily and positively identify two common wild plants: Plantain and Wood Sorrel. 

Image by Lukasz Szmigiel

Nature Immersion
30 Days Reconnecting to Nature

Nature heals, even in the winter.  Wouldn't it be lovely to do something fun and rewarding just for YOU?

It is time to take charge and get moving! Let us make a commitment to be healthier and happier, mentally, physically and spiritually.

This is both an immersion course and a challenge, a challenge only to yourself. Connect with nature each day for 30 days and I bet you will feel like you can take on ANYTHING that comes your way in 2024! Click button for full info!

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