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Morels Are Coming SOON!!

Here in the Southeast, Morels should start popping out in the next 3-4 weeks! Are you excited??

OR did you just say to yourself, "What the heck is a morel?"

Well if you asked youself that question my sweet reader, then stick around to learn about the most elusive, mysterious and delicious mushroom!

Every single February here in Georgia, we all start getting the itch to go out and hunt some morel mushrooms and it truly is a hunt, a TREASURE HUNT! Morels can be sneaky little buggers because you can totally walk right past them only to turn around and there they are poking out of the ground as if they just decided to appear. OR you can be staring at a bunch of them and not even SEE them...

I have a few tips for you to maybe find a few this year. Also check out this LIVE I did last year, it has a ton of helpful info!

#1 - look at a honeycomb pattern or a close up of a morel before you go hunting. Better yet, keep a picture on your phone to look at it every so often.

#2 - Join a local Morel Hunting Facebook group in your area. They will start posting different counties so you know when to go look.

#3 - Find an area that has Ash, Sycamore, Elm trees with a ton of privet hedges. Look those all up so you can recognize them.

#4 - With the above it also needs to be loamy, sandy soil in bottom lands/flood plains.

#5 - If it don't look like a million snakes could live in there, then it is not a morel habitat.

#6 - Soil temperature has to be around 55-58o for at least a week if not longer.

Check out the video above, we went over lots of questions, habitat with photos and video within the video, lol.

If I have time over this next week I will be writing a small Morel Foraging E-Book and possibly a printed version for the Southeast that will be available for a small fee. How does that sound?

I am here for you for ...........

Have a blessed day,



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